U.S. Army Reserve — Part Time. All Soldier.

In February of 2016 copywriter Erin Durkee and I were brought in by MRM//McCann to create an interactive video project for the U.S. Army Reserve. With a tight deadline and a relatively small budget we spent 5 weeks interviewing 40 Reserve Soldiers and created various parallel narratives based around there lives as both civilians and as Soldiers. Finding areas of crossover between their civilian jobs and their MOS we narrowed the group down to four Soldiers that would best showcase the skill trade between their two careers. After narrowing the group to four we interviewed them again and worked through the narratives we created to more accurately portray the reality of their individual experiences.

In the final week of the creative phases of the project I rapidly designed multiple site variations with options for different ways to interact with the videos, and micro-content that would be created. The final product was altered slightly due to time and budget constraints but the main story and design skeleton were brought to life for the Part Time. All Soldier. Campaign.


client: u.s. army reserve
agency: mrm//mccann
year: 2016
scope: website design

creative leads: matt nuzzi, katie dropick
copywriter: erin durkee
ux/ui: christopher lehr