Verizon: Powerful Answers

In preparation for the 2013 powerful answers campaign and tumblr launch i was asked to redesign the current site. We needed to simplify the user experience, clarify the messaging, and align with the development of the consumer facing tumblr site.

We stripped away the excessive textures and heavy colors to focus on the “heroically human” photography and clarified the user experience by creating an airier layout focused on informing and directing the visitors to the content relevant to them.


We created a template for the solution pages while also utilizing styles that would be more flexible for additional pages with a wider variety of content.

As we were creating a fresh build outside of the verizon framework we were able to create one of Verizon’s first responsive sites. The mobile, tablet, and desktop sites were designed simultaneously to be sure that we had a seamless experience across platforms.

The mobile site utilizes specified break points to reorganize and stack the content in a logical way that maintains the sites user flow and adopting standard mobile navigation for ease of use.

The site was designed and developed in tandem with a consumer facing tumblr site. as a part of the new strategy, we leveraged Tumblr as a way to deliver content to the powerful answers site. I created a modular image ratio set that allowed us to share the content using tumblr’s machine tags that would tag the content with information on which post and what position it would be in.

agency: mcgarrybowen
year: 2014
scope: website design

creative director: james wood
ux/ui: christopher lehr
tech lead: tony landa