In 2017  i was added to new team of digital art directors to help design a new responsive, component based website for Cadillac. What we created was a clearer, modular site that is easily updated for the various annual events and model updates by the Cadillac internal team.


The initial redesign was started by creating the individual components in sketch and building out pages to use as a usability testing site. We spent a week watching and documenting the testing results, altering the user experience accordingly.

Based on the testing results the team began visual design explorations. We explored several “visual concepts” such as a cinematic use of imagery with title card like typography, a more editorial leaning treatment of type and imagery, but due to the busy nature of the images, the necessity for large blocks of text, and restrictions of the CMS we opted to utilize the boxy nature of the modules to create a stacked and layered visual language for the pages.

*the site has just launched as of February 2018.

Client: Cadillac
Agency: Publicis
Year: 2017
Scope: Website Redesign

Creative Director: Jason Lin
Associate Creative Director: Kyle Winton
Art Direction/Design: Christopher Lehr, Jessica St. Peter