In 2005 BMW USA had one of the top sites in the automotive category according to J.D. Power and Associates. in 2014 KBS+ brought in a new team of digital creatives (myself and creative director Chris Caracciolo) to help design a BMW website that would compete visually with the other automotive websites and streamline the navigation and user flow. what we created was a lighter, more modern webpage with a plan to move the entire site into a responsive framework over the next two years.


One of the first challenges we faced was the navigation. The previous site iteration had roughly 180 links in the top navigation and weighed in at about 5mb. Working with the UX,  strategy, and account teams we reorganized the top nav and footer to accommodate the desired information while still simplifying the navigation experience.

In addition to the corporate brand concerns the design of the homepage needed to accommodate several departments of the bmw usa company, including after market sales, financing and lease departments, and promotions. To this end we treated the homepage as a kind of magazine page with various modules to accommodate these departments as well as more consumer focused content such as a BMW series selector, facts about the history of BMW, and a social media aggregator.

While developing the look and feel of the homepage and diving into the broader site we  also worked towards creating a variety of modules and implemented a system to accommodate various types of content on the subsequent vehicle, series, and feature pages that we came across.

client: bmw usa
agency: kbsp
year: 2014
scope: website redesign

creative director: chris caracciolo
art director: christopher lehr
project manager: suzana ognjanovic
ux director: jed mcclure